“You know that the flower bends when the wind wants it to, and you must become like that-that is, filled with deep trust.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

Birth Support

Birth is one of the most mysterious, transformational experiences in a lifetime. It is a life-changing event of welcoming life itself; a transfiguration when a woman becomes a mother, a man becomes a father and a family is born and grows. A true transformational journey. 

It is an honor to assist and support the authentic choices you, the birthing family make. As your Birth Doula, I will nurture and support you and your family prenatally, throughout labor and birth and into the 4th trimester. Being an unbiased supporter, I will provide continuous labor support, no matter what decisions the mother makes or how she chooses to give birth. We will build a relationship prenatally, so I can best be of support for your pregnancy and your birth. My role is to offer emotional, educational and physical support. As a birth advocate, I will assist you in finding your voice and clarity to communicate your needs, make decisions from an informed place and actualize your desires for a positive birth experience. As a story keeper, I will help preserve the precious memories of your birth. Note-taking and photographs aid in weaving the unique story together after the birth. Piecing a story together can be immensely healing.I am committed to meet you where you are at, to be your witness and support you and your growing family, in the incredible journey of bringing forth life. 

Birth work was a calling since I first read Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin in 2004. I was deeply moved and knew deep in my bones that I was to one day be a supportive presence to birthing mothers. I have been supporting birth since 2009, when I first studied Holistic Birth with the wise, Whapio Bartlett www.thematrona.com She ignited deeper passion and expanded my perspective of birth. I have attended home births in the Asheville area as a Certified Holistic Doula and as an assistant to a home birth Certified Nurse Midwife. Continuing in my educational pursuit, I went on to study with Chama Woydak and became a Certified Birth Doula with DONA International. I have had a myriad of experiences working with Mission Hospital and our local WNC Birth Center. It is a true honor to support families with this work.


Postpartum Care

The fourth trimester can be a vulnerable time full of changes, with a lot to take in for all members of the family. As a Doula, I offer postpartum care to families in navigating this period. I will bring my listening ears to offer emotional support, physical comforting care, nourishment, herbal support, reflections and helping hands. As a Licensed Massage Therapist who specializes in perinatal massage, It can be a tremendous gift to give a mother/family postpartum massage in home.


Offering evidence-based information and education to help with
  • Breastfeeding, bottle feeding & pumping support
  • Newborn baby care that includes diapering, feeding, bathing & infant massage
  • Self-care yoga and massage
  • Herbal teas, batch cooking and nutritional information

Chelsea brings a gentle and compassionate approach to focus on what you need and what works best for your specific situation.

Postpartum Care takes place in your home and is offered at an hourly rate:
$25/ daytime $30/Overnight
Packages of hours can be purchased for a discount.

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