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207 Charlotte Street
Asheville, NC 28801

Chelsea Ann Gomes
Massage Therapist LMT#14451
Contact: 828-545-1136


“MAGIC Such a nurturing and healing experience today with Chelsea. Book your appointment or put it on a registry! She took very kind care of my growing belly on the massage table. I was gifted a home visit massage and will ride this relaxing feeling for a good long while. Thank you so much Chelsea”


“Chelsea is not only a wonderful massage therapist, but a warm, grounded, and kind person with a calm, steady presence. Her hands are truly healing, and I felt amazing after my massage with her.”

J. Chandlee

“One of the best hours of my pregnancy. Thanks for easing the tension with your incredible, healing touch and for helping me to connect back to my body and baby! So much gratitude.”

A. Adams

“Chelsea is a wonderful body worker. I felt absolutely incredible after she helped me through some debilitating pain I had in my back. She was thorough and intuitive! I couldn’t have asked for more.”

0. DeSoria

Had a prenatal massage at 39 weeks with Chelsea and it was amazing!  She made me feel so welcomed and relaxed and I truly felt both mentally and physically healed after.  I would highly recommend seeing her if you are pregnant!

E. Pawelek

“Chelsea is a gifted massage therapist with a gentle nature and strong and sure hands. She’s highly attuned to her client’s needs and able to tailor her sessions to what is needed in the moment. Chelsea is equally adept with soothing, Swedish-style massage as deep tissue work. Whenever I receive a massage from her, I leave feeling relaxed and lighter on my feet.”

J. Blankespoor

“My experience was so surreal. Chelsea was absolutely amazing. She helped me relax with ease right away from the serene, peaceful, and calming atmosphere. When it came time for the actual massage, I was beyond satisfied! Her technique, touch, pressure, and most importantly gentleness was exactly what I needed. For once in a long time I was able to let go, clear my mind and receive some much needed therapy. Thank you so much Chelsea, I’m now and forever your #1 fan.”

C. Mcmillan

“Chelsea, Thank you for massaging me while pregnant, for massaging my son in the womb (which he loved) and for helping me release the aches, pains, tensions, stress and trauma. My massage was so healing yesterday, my body needed it so much more than I knew.”

S. Elmer

Chelsea is a very special massage therapist. Not only is she intuitive but also very kind, both emotionally and physically. connecting to our deeper layers as humans. She has a powerful healers’ touch. She also was my doula during my first endeavor to motherhood and cared for my changing body and spirit through its transformation. We are so grateful to her in our household!”

E. Boddery

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